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Vincent Gosselin

Hey, I'm Vincent. With over fifteen years experience in user interface and user experience design, I contributed to some of Canada's best apps in various industries.

Consulting for selected clients
President at Cavalerie
Design Advisor at AXSO — Smart charging
UX/UI Designer at nventive
Mobile Application Designer at Mirego
User Interface Designer at Dexero

User Experience and User Interface design for apps and websites

Over the years I collaborated with talented coworkers and individuals to create and launch projects for as many platforms and industries. Here's a selection of recent products to which I contributed.

Electric Circuit

Designed at nventive for Circuit électrique
UX/UI Designer • iOS, Android, Web • 2018–2020
Electric Circuit (Circuit électrique) is the largest electric vehicle (EV) public charging network in Québec. The mobile app gives you access to all its services including finding the nearest charging station, initiating and paying for charges, plan a trip with multiple stops and much more.

I designed the entire mobile experience in collaboration with the development team at AXSO – Smart charging.

The application is available since early 2020 and already highly praised by Electric Circuit's users around the province.
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Designed at nventive for FoodHero
UX/UI Designer • iOS, Android • 2017–2019
FoodHero was created to help fight food waste while saving money on groceries. It connects merchants to consumers to sell fresh and frozen surplus food that would otherwise end up in the trash.

I contributed by leading the design of the entire consumers mobile experience for iOS & Android along with a merchants specific application to help collect, package and hand-over its sold items.

It is currently available for most IGA and Metro locations across Quebec's province. Launched in May 2019, the app recently passed the 400,000-download milestone.
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Designed at nventive for Voilà!
UX/UI Designer • 2018 • iOS, Android
Voilà! empowers managers to set their own scheduling preferences and assign work shifts on the auto-pilot to employees. This scheduling platform features a powerful calendar, smart work shifts creation, employee-managed replacements, time tracking, etc.

I worked on the first iterations of the product experience on mobile for both iOS and Android. It was an opportunity to explore and define efficient time & schedule viewing patterns, simplifying advanced shift creation forms, and much more.
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RTC Nomade

Designed at nventive for RTC
UX/UI Designer • 2019 • iOS, Android, Hybrid
RTC Nomade lets you plan trips and check real-time or published schedules for all public bus routes by Réseau de transport de la Capitale in Quebec City.

I helped our team to rethink and optimise the application's main navigation in a hybrid context where both platforms share the same components.
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Also worth mentioning...

DualShot LogoDualShot Screenshot
A few years ago, I co-created the camera app DualShot for Windows Phone as a side project with Sébastien Lachance. Over time, we've reached 550K+ downloads, received over 7300 reviews with an average of 4+ stars. It was featured multiple times by Microsoft and various Windows Phone related blogs.
In 2013, I helped Coveo to redesign their mobile navigation experience and online search results in order to strengthen their position as a leader in solutions for ecommerce, customer service and workforce optimization.
Previously, the team behind the competitive portfolio tracking tool Strategic Planner invited me to refine their user-interface prior to launch. We focused on making their data-heavy application easier to visually scan. A year later, it was acquired by Meltwater.
FoodHero LogoCircuit électrique Logo375e Montreal LogoCoveo Logo

Circuit électrique, AXSO, FoodHero, ConsuLab, Gentec-EO, Voilà!, Média Boutique, CM Labs, Lune Rouge 360, Logisco, 375e de Montréal, RTC Québec, Major Series of Putting, New Look, Lafrance & Mathieu, EVduty, Orléans Express, United Memory Archives, LesPAC, Coveo, SkyMotion, Cogeco Radio, Musigram and much more.


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